Caricom 2

CARICOM Magazine uses writing from Calum Jacobs (A New Formation, 2022), Caleb Nelson (Open Water, 2021), Musa Okwonga (Striking Out, 2021, In The End…2021) and others to understand whether Dele is a suitable avatar for universality, to define who the greatest Caribbean players to grace the Premier League were and also wrestle with far larger and more complex questions related to idealism, allyship and multiculturalism.

Artwork and photography is provided by Joy Miessi, Lewis Khan, Chester Holme, Milo Belgrove, Simon Heger Knudsen, Tripod City and other up and coming creative practitioners.

CARICOM 2 also carries a supplementary pamphlet, “The Caricom Guide to Black Male Mental Health”. Written by co-founder of the Over The Bridge Podcast, Kwaku Dapaah-Danquah