For its third issue, CARICOM is offering people the opportunity to escape to a different world. In a time when Black people’s very existence is increasingly defined by their experiences of – and endless discussions of – racism, the inhabitants of the tropical paradise known only as The Island refuse to play by those rules.

These inhabitants, known as The CARICOM Group, live in symbiosis with their home, ingeniously harnessing The Island’s abundant natural resources to provide them with food, water, and power. With their basic needs met, they are instead free to spend their days making art and playing football, communally embracing the joys of a life unphased by the banal inevitabilities of race, rampant consumerism, and individualistic scarcity mindsets.

Conceived of as a radical thought experiment, The Island asks people to envision a world in which Black people turn their backs on the standard narratives of trauma and oppression that are forced upon them, and instead consider the expansive possibilities for more prosperous ways of being that exist beyond the confines of white society in a space where unrestrained Blackness is free to thrive.

CARICOM Magazine is an innovative print and online platform that uses a mix of editorial content, photography, events, creative collaborations, and conceptual projects to explore football and broader culture through a Black lens.

CARICOM Magazine was founded by Calum Jacobs, whose first book A New Formation: How Black Footballers Shaped the Modern Game is forthcoming from Penguin Random House in April 2022.